Make sure you check back to see what the Launch crew is up to. We want you to know that all college students are invited to our events. We can’t wait to see you!


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Do you know of an incoming freshman coming to Purdue in the fall?

If you want to apply for a scholarship for a mission trip, from the student missions fund, please apply here!


Thursday Nights Together (TNT)-

Thursdays at 7:27pm at 507 Waldron St.

Large Group Worship Time, fun opener, announcements, break out into small groups after large group worship. Once a month, we will stay together as a large group for teaching from a staff or guest speaker.

Sunday Supper

Sundays at 6pm at 507 Waldron St.

Since the dorms don’t serve dinner on Sunday evenings we have a time together for food and fellowship before the week starts. The meal is provided by local churches and we have a $3 donation that goes to Pack Away Hunger.

Typically, we try to have events specifically to reach out to students who would not normally come. Some of those events have been things like:

Free Sno-Cones, welcoming new students during Freshmen orientation on campus

Death By Chocolate, an event held at our ministry facility at the end of Freshmen orientation

Boiler Reach, Free Pancakes homecoming weekend and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with those who stop to get pancakes

Servant Impact, giving out free popcorn or hot chocolate depending on the weather to be able to engage students & share the good news of Jesus Christ.

We hope to provide cultural experiences for international students that are American traditions or just bringing international and domestic students together. Some examples are:


We have a fall bon-fire where we cook over an open fire, carve pumpkins, and do some line dancing.

An American Wedding

This is an event where we invite international students to come watch a re-enactment of an American Wedding. The people who are playing the role of the Bride and Groom have already been married and are going through this to allow others to learn.

International Potluck Dinner

Food is a great way to learn about others and their culture. Each person attending is invited to bring a dish of food or non-alcoholic drink from their culture to share with everyone else.

Typically, in late September to mid October we take a weekend to get away from campus with our focus being to help students learn and grow in their personal relationship with Jesus while also bonding with other students.

Spring Break Mission Trips: (example) Beach Reach is one where we take students to Panama City Beach, Florida, for a week of serving fellow students by giving free van rides keeping all spring breakers safe. We also give a free pancake breakfast away in late mornings. We use this to share our faith with those we serve.

We see Spring Break as a great opportunity to use it for the Gospel by serving and sharing. More details to come.

Summer Missions

We encourage students to take the time to go on a summer mission trip that could last 2-12 weeks long anywhere in the world that God is calling them. We raise over 6k with events like parking cars for home football games, PNO, Dessert Auction, to help support students to be able to go.

Giving back should be a part of what all people do wherever they live. Since the greater Lafayette is the student’s community, we give them ways they can give back.


A service project held in early November where over 1,500 students go out and serve the elderly and disabled in preparing their yards for winter. This group of students serves over 350 homes in the community on just one Saturday morning.

Pack Away Hunger

A service project on Martin Luther King Jr Day where we pack 45,000- 65,000 meals for people in Guatemala but also some are given to a local food bank. This is a very hands on and practical project on a Holiday that students do not have class.

Parents Night Out

Students take care of children from the community so that the parents can have an evening out. Each student is required to get a background check which can be obtained through the lead campus minister, Ben. This is where parents can be sure their children are taken care of and in safe hands. If you are a parent and want to sign up CLICK HERE.


Active Member

To become an active member, join a Team. You can attend any event or weekly activity without being an active member, but you will miss out on the best parts of us.

Student Leader

Student leadership is about being a servant leader. Student leadership team is the highest level of involvement below the student paid internship. Student leaders are required to attend weekly leadership meetings, lead teams, and serve in a variety of different ways. It’s a challenge but well worth the sacrifice. If interested, click on the arrow to go to the appropriate application.


The internship is for students who are seeking God about going into full-time vocational ministry. It is not a commitment to it, but an opportunity to learn and ask questions. There are a lot of opportunities for creativity, but it is a job (with required amount of working hours and pay). Applications are due each Spring. It is a 9-12 month commitment. If interested, click on the arrow to go to the appropriate application.


Outreach Team

The Outreach team focuses on sharing the good news of Christ with other students at Purdue beyond Launch.

International Team

The International Team encourages and educates students on ways to engage with different cultures.

Connect Team

The Connect Team facilitates events for students to connect with others within the ministry. This team focuses on events aimed at helping students find the best opportunities to grow and utilize their gifts. We encourage all members to get involved at Launch.​

Missions Team

The Missions Team aims to reach those in the nearby community as well as those around the world. This team plans events throughout the year to give financial support to those who are called to go on mission trips.

Worship Team

The Worship Team organizes our worship leaders and music for our weekly worship time.

Intramural Team

The Intramurals Team organizes teams of a variety of sports for “everyday” students to play in Purdue’s Intramurals and trains members to use sports to reach students outside of Launch. Intramural calendar

Marketing Team

The Marketing Team communicates (via social media, printed promotions, and email) with students of the opportunities to engage with Launch.


We have a variety of small groups for every student. We want each student to feel welcome! We care about your spiritual growth, no matter where you are at. We want to assist you to know Jesus more.

COMING IN Fall 2021

This study is just for freshmen. It is a look at the book of James along with some other special things for freshmen. You won’t want to miss this!

Often, as Christians, we question how we could strengthen our faith. This study will provide the tools and disciplines to encourage and support you in your walk with God.

Ever wondered: “Who is Jesus?”, “Is this thing called ‘Christianity’ legit? “How can we know for sure?” Join this study to answer those questions and more.

 This study is to help equip seniors and grad students who are preparing to “launch” into the world beyond Purdue, the “adult” life. You’ll be provided with tools and wisdom from those who have gone before you.




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