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Dennis and Julie have four children: Rebekah, Katie, Emily, and Nathan.

Individually, in college, they made a commitment to the Lord that they would go and serve anywhere that the Lord would lead them. They committed their lives to His service. They were married in 1993. In 1997, they presented themselves to their church in TN to go to the foreign mission field. God had other plans that proved to be most wise and good for them! God needed to mature and prepare them.

After being led to Charlotte, NC, life set in (jobs, church life, and children). Throughout their lives, they have been active in church life, serving in many capacities. In 2000, they became a part of a church plant. They were a part of the “nuts & bolts” of the operations. In 2004, Dennis was ordained as an elder and served for 3 years. During that time, Dennis worked with the missions in our church and even served as the director and led their first mission trip to Red Lake, MN. Even as a family, they served faithfully in our local church, but always having a place in their heart for missions and seeing the Gospel go out to the ends of the world.

In 2009, as a family, they began working with the international student ministry at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. They fell in love with the students that came every Friday night during the school year and those that came through the summers. In 2010, through the direction of that local international student minister, they were connected to the North American Mission Board and the national coordinator for collegiate evangelism.

In 2011, they were commissioned by their home church, Living Faith Baptist Church, and the North American Mission Board to begin an international student ministry at Purdue University.

On Nov. 10, 2011, they arrived in West Lafayette, Indiana to begin this ministry through a miraculous series of events! Since arriving, their family has grown up through this journey. Their daughters have grown up into beautiful young women, and their son is maturing into a respectful young man. Their talents have blossomed since moving here. They are excited to see where the Lord will take their children.

They are grateful for the being allowed to be used by the Lord to reach international students and mobilize other students and church members to also engage international students!



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For details, click on each event for details of it and the specific needs.

We have plans to host students again for Thanksgiving Lunch (11/25) at our home. Our current target number is for the lunch to be for 25 people. We could use some help if you feel led. You can give directly by check (mail to: Launch Campus Ministry, INC., 507 Waldron Street, West Lafayette, IN 47906) or Zelle ( In either case, please make sure to indicate what it is for. We are anticipating a budget of $300.

On January 29, 2022, we are hosting our bi-annual American Wedding Experience. This will be our 4th time hosting this event. This is a reenactment of a traditional Christian wedding designed for the international student guest. We recreate the entire wedding and reception. Every time we host this event, Gospel conversations are had because of what is presented.

You can give directly by check (mail to: Launch Campus Ministry, INC., 507 Waldron Street, West Lafayette, IN 47906) or Zelle ( In either case, please make sure to indicate what it is for. Typically, we put this “wedding” on for around $500. We could use your help to provide this opportunity.